I am not talking about one of those pop up trailers that is about the size of a tent when you get done. This is a really big trailer that is about the size of a mobile home. I had to get a fifth wheel trailer hitch put on my truck and in fact it I did not have a nice truck it would be too much trailer for me to get up a hill. This thing already has a Directv in fact, although it is missing the little thing that makes it work. It is almost luxurious compared to the way that I was camping out. Read the rest of this entry »

Halal tourism is a new product introduced in the travel industry for Muslim travellers who wish to abide by their traditions on holiday. Halal tourism is fast becoming popular across the world and there are several holiday destinations that are now catering to Muslims. Halal holidays include accommodation in hotels that do not serve alcohol, cater Halal food and have separate swimming pools and spa facilities for men and women. Some destinations even have Halal beaches, permitting all members of the family to enjoy beach holidays freely. There are several countries around the world that offer these services, including Malaysia, Turkey and even China! By offering these Halal conditions, Muslim travellers can now enjoy their holidays, while maintaining their religious beliefs.

There are several travel companies that provide tailor-made Halal friendly holidays to several destinations around the world. These holidays ensure that travellers cross paths with Muslims from around the world from Argentina all the way to China. Here are some of the best travel destinations for Halal friendly holidays.

India – You can discover Islamic heritage in many parts of India such as Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai, Kerala and Rajasthan. Visit Indias Golden Triangle, the stunning Taj Mahal, the Periyar Reserve and many more, and stay at Halal friendly hotels such as the Ramada Hotel, Maidens Hotel, Fariyas Hotel and Maidens Hotel.
China This is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and has much in store for travellers such as the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven and the Long Corridor in Beijing. The Niujie Mosque is also located here; this was the first mosque to be built in China. Other sights to see are the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors in Xian which is home to the largest Muslim population in China.
Maldives The islands of Maldives are situated in the Indian Ocean, and are one of the most popular beach destinations in the world. With hundreds of resorts located on individual islands, privacy is at the fore here, so you can relax in beachside accommodation and even enjoy your own private pool if you desire.
Tanzania and Zanzibar This is one of the best places to visit in Africa for an all round Halal friendly holiday. Unforgettable wildlife expeditions and stunning beaches are in abundance here, with Halal friendly lodges for accommodation. Zanzibar has some Middle East routes, as many descendants from Oman settled here.

Benijofar has detached elegant villas suitable for a holiday stay that is most interesting and enjoyable. You will find the villas with Jacuzzis and pool and in exclusive areas where you can enjoy the serenity and freshness that you truly deserve while on holidays on this part of Spain. The villas are situated a few minutes away from the towns and centers and hence apart from enjoying your privacy, you will find it easy to access the sandy beaches that the area has to offer.

Most are also few minutes from entertainment areas such as bowling clubs and golf courses.

The elegant villas in Benijofar are made to offer maximum comfort and they are therefore furnished with high class items that you will find enjoyable. They will also include all other household amenities and appliances including air conditioning systems which give you the control over the temperatures depending on the season that you have chosen to be in the area for the holidays hence the climatic conditions. With the spacious and fully furnished and equipped kitchens, you will find it quite easy to enjoy your own cooking during the holidays or even enjoy the services of a private chef during your stay.

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Self-catering holidays are more popular than they have ever been in the UK at least this is the case, the biggest market utilising such a holiday are parents and their accompanying offspring – so families essentially. Choosing self-catering options over traditional all inclusive options helps to reduce the overall cost of a holiday and gives the holiday maker complete control and flexibility with meal times and indeed meal choices – thus self-catering holidays are an advantageous solution if you are looking to budget for your next holiday, regardless of whether it is a family affair, a couple or a lone holiday – you can still save a packet!

Focusing on the self-catering accommodation means that you could well eat at any number of different restaurants, take away and cafes – alternatively you could prepare and cook food in the kitchen of your self-catering accommodation. This is what I meant by flexibility, consider that if you have any special dietary requirements such as high fibre or gluten free you can rest assured and consume your regular foods and drinks without having to make any special requests or worry if they even cater for you in the first place.

It’s likely that most places will have an alternative menu item for certain dietary needs and certainly vegetarian alternatives to choose from. The cost saving of not eating out every night is enormous – in some instances you might save the same amount as your daily accommodation rate and have just as good meal. Consider also that inclusive will generally mean you are confined to eating in the same set place day in day out, no variety and if you don’t like the food well you will end up spending more in the long term anyway.

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Holiday season is fast approaching, and if you are planning to go on a vacation, why not choose something different. There are a lot of travel agents who are offering affordable vacation packages that will allow you to have fun and unwind. The Internet is a great source of these affordable packages and will help you find the best deals to any destination in Mexico.

You can stay in one of the largest hotels in Acapulco and get the all inclusive Mexican vacation deal that fits not only your budget but the level of entertainment that you are looking for. You can either choose to bring a partner or your whole family. Rest assured that you will be spending one of the best times of your life.

There are also all inclusive vacation packages that will take to Cancun. These packages include daily meals, local beverages, water sports, and day and night activities that will surely bring more fun to your vacation. Children below 6 years old can also come with you without paying additional charges. I’m pretty sure you will be enjoying this vacation especially this Christmas.

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place where and when all the answers of all kinds of question about a place are best in the travel guide book and making your journey a easy one. are that have to be cared but they are many times those that care for you and tell you what is needed and not needed or what is good and what is bad or what is where and what are the features of various places. The last topic is that what is where and this is what is needed every where may that be where ever you go and where you are standing. The books that are made to fulfill the needs of you at such a situation are the travel guide books. They tell you every thing about the place and you are a tourist but they make you as if the citizen of that place. The books will turn the tables and let you be at the right point and that too without being cheated.

The that has all the important numbers that you may need to call, they have the map of the place fore most and the map along with the guide is like the place you are in, is all in a book without any fail. The guide has more so you can say that this is most diversified or eh guide is a complete feature book with you at every point making your visit to that place better and easier. The book has all the hospitals, railway stations, medical shops and many more hat you will need in case of emergency and then the later are the hotels, motels, inn and many more where you can call and even reach with the greatest ease. There are many services also making and serving those who are from a new place and there numbers and the address is there is the guide. These are not just he travel books in fact they are there to you as cheap books and you can opt to choose for any place so that you can get that before going there and they also tell you the best places you can go and enjoy top he fullest.

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